History of the Manitou Foundation

Maurice and Hanne Strong, founders.

Mary and Laurance Rockefeller, patrons.

16th Karmapa, board members: Helen Davey and Hanne Strong.

Grantees at the Carmelite Monastery.

From the Founder Hanne Strong

In 1977, my husband, Maurice Strong and partners purchased AZL, a large ranching operation consisting of 2 million acres in the Southwestern United States. AZL’s land holdings included two parcels totalling146,000-acres in Colorado, the Luis Maria Baca Ranch and the Baca Grande Development . At the first executive meeting, the board suggested that Maurice immediately sell the Baca Grande Development and the Luis Maria Baca Ranch as the property resulted in a 30 million dollar loss in revenue to the company.

Maurice, myself and my family were to relocate to Phoenix, but after one month of looking for a place to live, I told Maurice that I could not live there as I didn’t feel a connection to it. He then suggested we take a look at other company land holdings/ranches. We looked in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado and when we flew into the Baca I got out of the plane, looked at the mountains and said “this is it. I instantly recognized the land, felt its spirit and felt the sacred mountain welcome us”. At that moment we both decided not to sell the Baca, as this would be our new home.


Inauguration of the Karmapa Stupa.

Patron Laurance Rockefeller and founder Hanne Strong.

Hanne Strong with Manitou advisor Leon Shenandoah.

Dilgo Khyentse consecration of Guru Rinpoche stupa.

In 1978, my mother, my daughters and sister all relocated from Canada to Crestone. We drove from Alberta and as we entered the Valley we were greeted by four golden eagles. We moved into the Luis Maria Baca Ranch main headquarters built in 1823. A few months after settling in, a stranger appeared at my door and introduced himself as Glen Anderson. I immediately sensed his kindness and a certain light in his eyes. I invited him in for tea. I did not know at the time that many people throughout the Valley knew Glen as the local mystic and prophet. His first words were “I have been waiting for you to arrive”. Over the course of next four days he transmitted what he had received from spirit about the future purpose of this land and my role in fullfilling this vision he received from Spirit.

  • In the 1960’s Glen Anderson predicted that there would be a commercial real estate development in the Baca and that it would later fail in order to make way for its true purpose, a spiritual community that would unfold. A foreigner from overseas would come and create this new high vibrational inter-faith community
  • It is to be a refuge for all the spiritual traditions of the world with direct lineages
  • He stated that the energetic vibration would increase so dramatically, it would be so intense that most who are not engaged on a spiritual path would not be able to withstand the frequencies and leave
  • It is to be a place for people to come and reach higher levels of consciousness/awareness and engage in self discovery and purpose so they may share these qualities with humanity
  • Leaders from around the world would come here to seek answers to the problems of the world and also seek their own internal peace and balance through and with nature and spirit
  • He prophesized that several sustainable off-grid, zero waste communities would be created with an emphasis on developing the highest level of spiritual and cultural understanding and human consciousness and would serve as an example to the world. Models would be created on how to reduce consumption and highlight the importance of living in accordance with nature
  • He emphasized that the main job in this place is to bring forth a new civilization of humanity that is in balance and harmony with themselves, each other and nature
  • Thousands of children would seek refuge here and to prepare for the arrival of these children

Leon Shenandoah, Hanne Strong, Thomas Banyacya.

1977 United Nations International Conference on Indigenous Issues.

Thomas Banyacya senior and junior demonstrate dry farming on the Baca ranch.

Hanne Strong, Chief Robert Smallboy, and interpreter Gordon Lee at the construction of the Lindisfarne chapel.

When Hanne and Glen visited the vacant site where the Desert Sage is now located, he stood there and cried. Tears streamed down his face as he asked “where are all the buildings? Where is the dining hall, the teachers and temples”? Glen spoke specifically about climate change and said, “it is not only about global warming, it is about climate extremes – part of the world will experience another Ice Age.”

16th Karmapa looking for land in Crestone on horseback.

Hanne Strong and H.H. Kusum Lingpa.

King of Eastern Tibet and royal family visiting in Crestone.

Last of the Tibetan oracles.

After Glen shared this information, I fasted in the mountains for four days and four nights and was told by spirit that I needed to draw a map of the mountains and include the worlds religious traditions. I was further told that this land is Hopi territory and that I must go to Hopi land to consult with the elders. I already had a history with a Hopi Elder, Thomas Banyaca whom I met in Stockholm in 1972. We had kept in communication over the years and I had helped Thomas facilitate the Earth Healing Ceremonies during the Habitat Conference. Enrique Penalosa arranged for Thomas to read his statement (a warning to the world) to heads of government. In his remarks, Thomas mentioned a “World Spiritual Center”. The following is a quote from his address:

“If the United Nations cannot prevent the destruction of mankind and Mother Nature by political means, they should now support a meeting of the world spiritual leaders with the Hopi Nation. All nations who come to our homeland should recognize our spiritual foundation and support the establishment of a Spiritual Center for all mankind.”
Thomas Banyacya – address to the UN June 8, 1976

Adzom Gyalse Tulku Rinpoche in Crestone.

Benki, Adzom Rinpoche, Moises, Angaangaq.

Adzom Rinpoche, Hanne Strong, Suzanne Foote.

Hanne Strong with Ani-la.

In 1978, after my fast, I made a trip to Hopi land where I was taken to a sacred Kiva deep within the earth. After hours of ceremony and prayers, the elders communicated that the vision was correct and that the Hopi shared a similar prophesy. They further stated that this center had to take place near the Eastern Mountain, the most sacred of their mountains, “where the light comes into the world”. I received their confirmation blessing and began the journey forward.

About Glen Ulysses Anderson

Glen Ulysses Anderson was born in the Dakota’s before the turn of the 20th Century. He was viewed as a modern day prophet by many whom he encountered and led a selfless life where he committed himself to restore balance on the planet and help all those he encountered ‘awaken’ to the spirit of serving the greater good.

“The age that is upon us is one of a collective awakening – where in the past it seemed an individual experience. A wave of energy is coming and has been coming for many eons, it pulsates as a living breath, inhaling and exhaling in perfect harmony. It is like the four seasons that come and go without hindrance from mankind. We cannot stop the seasons from coming, nor can we stop the great change that is upon us from unveiling itself. The conflict between duality and spirituality is coming to an end. No longer will our “free will” be interfered with. This is the season of choice, it is the identification time. We can choose to go on as is – to develop the intellectual mind, which seeks to manipulate matter for growth and for change, or we can give up the idea that we need anything outside of our own mind. Both are valid, both can exist, but they cannot coexist. What we came to experience is to be part of a great awakening to know the connection we have with all creation which is within the infinite mind of spirit.”
Glen Ulysses Anderson  – Shared by his student James Lujan