the Manitou Institute & Conservancy

Earth Origin Seeds garden.


Earth Origin Seeds garden.

Moises, Hanne Strong, and Benki.

Manitou Institute & Conservancy (MI&C) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, incorporated in Colorado in 1994. MI&C was created to support in-house environmental and educational programs, land conservation initiatives and the development of programs and projects being developed on land donated or sold to various spiritual and educational organizations in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in south central Colorado, by the Manitou Foundation.

Hanne Strong with 160 year old Sufi saint in Islamabad.

Baker Roshi and zen monks.

Laurance Rockefeller at Haidakhandi Universal Ashram.

Native varieties of corn.

The Institute has a small team that has extensive history with the land, the MHCP and CE intents and processes. They are committed to implementing the activities necessary to ensure the success of this program and the long-term conservation efforts to their fullest potential. These personnel monitor each stage of development, collaborating with the centers on the allowed build-out and scale of land use activities, based on both primary and secondary Conservation Easements, which are associated with each parcel. In addition to CE management, proactive projects are undertaken to enhance forest health and mitigate unhealthy or unsafe conditions.

World garden.

Yukio Takahashi.

Hanne Strong with Taoist saint in Beijing.

Hanne Strong in Africa during 1984-85 famine.

Spirit & Nature

The Manitou Institute & Conservancy’s greater mission is to preserve and protect biodiversity in ecologically sensitive areas, conserve greenspace, protect watersheds, preserve and protect prehistoric and historic sites “sacred sites”, and land which has special recreational, scenic, agricultural, wildlife habitat, spiritual and/or environmental value, promote ecologically sound development and land use, by methods including but not limited to Covenants & Restrictions, Conservation Easements, an active Environmental & Architectural Team and Guidelines, work with local, county, state and federal agencies and other nonprofit organizations to protect and preserve the unique and important natural resources in this locale; to provide education and training opportunities to youth and adults to: promote Earth stewardship, community service, sustainable lifestyles, and appropriate technologies, and assist in preservation and promotion of indigenous culture and arts, ancient medicinal practices and the world’s religious and spiritual traditions; to study, research, preserve, protect, grow out, distribute, and provide education and networking about endangered, non-hybrid seed genes vital to the future food supply, and natural, medicinal plant species, which optimize human health and wellbeing; to network and maintain outreach systems, linking this organization with related projects, organizations, agencies and individuals; and to implement sustainable community housing models.

Hanne Strong and Mary and Laurance Rockefeller

Benki Pianko, ERC advisor.

Moises and George.

42 varieties of quinoa grow at the Baca Ranch.

Earth Restoration Corps doing chi gong.

Hanne Strong with a Buffalo herd in the San Luis Valley.

Earth Origin Seeds garden.

Sangre de Cristo mountains.